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The Department of Agricultural Education & Economics is made up of three units, Agric. Economics, Agric. Education and Agric. Extension.

  • Production and supply response of agricultural products

A number of government policies and programmes have been formulated and implemented in order to stimulate the agricultural sector in general. Some of these policies or programmes have been sector specific, with the main aim of diversifying the agricultural production base. However, success of these policies and programmes has been very limited indeed with a few exceptions. Most of these policies or programmes have been implemented with the major objective of increasing local production in order to substitute imports. It becomes very important therefore to identify factors that influence production and supply response in various sub sectors of the agricultural sector in order to come up with appropriate policy advice for each sub sector.

  • The effects of land reforms on agricultural performance

Studies have identified determinants of livestock productivity under different land tenure systems in Botswana. Studies are required to apply the New Institutional Economics (NIE) to analyse the effect of, for example transaction costs on livestock productivity. Institutional arrangements such as equity- shares programme are advocated as a land reform. A study to identify the constraints of such institutional arrangement on livestock productivity is necessary to provide some insight to policy makers.

On going research:

Livestock Marketing in Kweneng West – A Transaction Cost Approach

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