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Botswana College of Agriculture
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The Department of Agricultural Education & Economics is made up of three units, Agric. Economics, Agric. Education and Agric. Extension.

  • Levels of Cognition in Agriculture

 Future secondary agriculture teachers should not afford to devote too much time to having students to merely memorise facts and figures related to agriculture. Teachers must learn to help students become proficient at higher order of thinking levels. Research in cognition will examine : (a) the effects of learning styles on levels of cognition; (b) relationships between the levels of cognitive performance and critical thinking ability in agriculture; (c) cognitive levels of teaching and testing in tertiary agricultural education institutions in Botswana and (d) cognitive levels of teaching and learning in adult agricultural education programmes.

  • Teacher Education and The Teaching of Agriculture in Schools

On going research:

Factors Affecting Teaching of Agriculture in Secondary Schools of Botswana. A national study funded by the Research and Publication Committee of Botswana College of Agriculture. (2006 -2007)

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