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Botswana College of Agriculture
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University of Botswana
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The Department of Agricultural Education & Economics is made up of three units, Agric. Economics, Agric. Education and Agric. Extension.

Extension Unit:

Research thrusts:

  • Agricultural Technology Dissemination and Adoption

  • Perception of Agricultural Extension Workers towards Government Agricultural Extension Policies in Botswana .

    In 1996, several policies were formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture to enhance the performance of extension workers in the process of transferring farming technologies to farmers. These policies were in the areas of principles, philosophies, objectives, Extension teaching methods, teaching materials, and the roles expected to be played by technical assistants, technical officers and subject matter specialists to foster agricultural development and technology transfer. Some of these policies may now be irrelevant to the extension system and may need to be reviewed. Results obtained from this research should reveal some new policies that would enhance agricultural development and technology transfer and those that would have to be modified.

  • Perceived Needs of Agricultural Extension Workers In Botswana.

    Agricultural Extension Workers have often been blamed for their inability to transfer technologies developed at the Research Institutes to the end users without focusing on some factors that can affect technology transfer. Research has shown that if these factors are not identified and dealt with appropriately, extension workers are most likely to fail in performing Their roles effectively and efficiently. This research work will focus on identifying these factors with the aim of pointing out to the Ministry of Agriculture the dangers that these can pose to the role of technology transfer expected of an Extension worker.

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