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The Department of Agricultural Education & Economics is made up of three units, Agric. Economics, Agric. Education and Agric. Extension.

Agricultural Education Unit

Emphasizes on training and producing competent agricultural education teachers for junior and senior secondary schools. The graduates of the unit can as well serve as Education Officers and Subject Matter Specialist in the Ministry of Education or may be employed in the Colleges of Education, private and parastatal sectors, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s).

In this training effort, the unit co-operates with other departments in the faculty of Agriculture and outside the faculty in training and producing effective and efficient graduates in the field of Agricultural education.

The education unit offers single major programmes leading to either the award of a Higher Diploma in Agricultural Education or BSc (Agricultural Education). With effect from August 2007 the unit will offer a single major programme leading to the award of an MSc (Agricultural Education). The MSc (Ag Ed) programme will be offered on part and full time bases. The part time programme will be offered over a period of six semesters, while the full time programme will be offered over a period of four semesters. BCA does not have facilities to offer students scholarship or financial assistance. All students applying for admission must have adequate financial resources or sponsorship to pay for their tuition, board and accommodation, books and other related costs. Please contact the Head of Department for further information about the MSc programme in Agricultural Education at:

Phone:    (+267) 3650242 or 3650224
Fax:         ( +267) 3928753

For additional Information or answers to application questions, contact the Assistant Manager, Academic Services at:

Phone:    (+267) 3650100 / 3650168 / 3650166 / 3650251
Fax:         ( +267) 3928753
e-mail:   admissions@bca.bw

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