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The Department of Animal Science Production is made up of five units, Animal Clinic, Diagnostic Lab, Field Lab, Nutritional Lab and Student Enterprise Project

ASB 322: Feed Stuff Analysis (Core, 2 credits)

Proximate feedstuff analysis to estimate nutritive value of feeds; analytical methods for determining metabolites; in vitro fermentation trials and in sacco degradability of feeds.

ASB 416: Ruminant Nutrition (Core, 2 credits)

Introduction. The gastro- intestinal tract of ruminant animals and nutrition. Nutrients utilisation and requirement. Feeding standards and the productive functions. Factors affecting food intake. Ration formulation for ruminant animals. Metabolic disorders.

FTB 300: Field practical (Core, 3 credits)

This is a practical course out in the field where application of what is learnt in class is expressed. The theory will be put into practice so that students develop the ability to work under actual farm and farmers conditions and also appreciate manual work.

ASB 418: Monogastric Nutrition (Core, 2credits)

General management of different monogastric animals. Nutrient digestibility absorption, metabolism of feeds and raw ingredients in non-ruminants. Nutrient requirements, use of mixed feeds and food formulation of different monogastrics (poultry, pigs, equines and rabbits).

ASB 412: Beef Cattle Production (Core, 2 credits)

This course focuses on beef cattle production as an agricultural enterprise that can have commercial benefits. The origin and domestication of cattle. Breeds of beef cattle. The beef cattle industry and systems of production. Marketing of beef cattle and by-products.

ASB 413: Game Farming and Ranching (Core,/GEC, 2 credits)

This course focuses on the potentials and constraints of game farming and ranching. It shall include objectives and ecological principles in establishment of game farming. Game species of interest and their interaction with other livestock farming systems. Game capture, transport and adaptation. Legislative aspects of game farming.

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