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The Department of Animal Science Production is made up of five units, Animal Clinic, Diagnostic Lab, Field Lab, Nutritional Lab and Student Enterprise Project

ASB 414: Applied Animal Breeding (Core, 2 credits)

An applied course of animal genetics inter alia estimation of breeding values, construction of selection indices, use of biotechnology and current issues in animal breeding

ASB 415: Animal Biotechnology (Core, 2 credits)

The course will cover the history of biotechnology, application of biotechnology in animal agriculture, gene manipulation, animal reproductive biotechnology, Biotechnology and human health, Ethical issues in biotechnology.

ASB 321: Meat Science (Core, 3 credits)

Chemical composition, structure and types of meat. Postmortem changes in muscle. Meat quality and grading. Meat hygiene and preservation. The nutritive value of meat. Meat quality. Meat by-products. Meat processing and marketing.

ASB 417: Poultry Production (Core, 3 credits)

Domesticated birds. The poultry industry in Botswana. Poultry, breeding and rearing. Houses and equipment. Nutrient requirements of poultry. Prevention and control of diseases and parasites in poultry. The business of poultry keeping.

APB 410 Special project (Core, 2 credits)

A basic course in research methodology involving reviewing of literature, design, organization and execution of a research project; and preparation and presentation of project report.

ASB 422: Dairy Production (Core, 3credits)

This course focuses on the study of the principles and management systems involved in the nutrition, breeding, reproduction, animal health, growth and development as they influence milk composition and yield of dairy animals. The course equips students with knowledge and skills that will enable them adopt new strategies to tackle problems incurred in dairy farms.

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