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The Department of Animal Science Production is made up of five units, Animal Clinic, Diagnostic Lab, Field Lab, Nutritional Lab and Student Enterprise Project

  • Animal Biotechnology

Indigenous breeds have the value of forming foundation stock for future crossbreeding and breed formation. It is important toknow conserve and improve what we have through characterization of these breeds. Particular attention should be on the application of Biotechnology in DNA marking and fertility studies, disease resistance and carcass characteristics.

  • Evaluation of beef production systems

To diversify the beef industry and empower other section of the farming community it is important to promote various production systems. For instance, if some farmers are engaged in weaner production to sell to a feedlotter, it will spread the cost and risk.

  • Game farming and ranching

Game farming has become popular in recent times. For efficient use of the rangelands and marginal areas game farming need to be encourage. Multi-species systems can be used combining livestock with game to effectively take advantage of niche grazing habits of these animals. This also opens opportunities for agro-tourism.

  • Organic farming

Organic farming is becoming popular worldwide. This is prompted by concern for product contamination by chemical residues. In addition consumers now ask for agricultural products which a produced naturally. This scenario opens opportunity for local animals which traditionally are reared extensively with no additives in their feed.

  • Fish farming

As community become more prosperous their taste may change. Though Batswana are not accustomed to eating fish, city dwellers do buy fish. However fish is imported. There is a need to explore chances of fish farming for local and for export.

  • Non-conventional farm animals

As an attempt to diversify the economy, research and extension services dealing with un-conventional farm animals like rabbits guinea fowls, quails and Phane will be necessary. Such animals provide extra sources of nutrition particularly to the resource poor people and go along way to reduce poverty.

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