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Botswana College of Agriculture
Private Bag 0027
Gaborone, Botswana
Phone: +267 - 3650100
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University of Botswana
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General Information





The Department of Animal Science Production is made up of five units, Animal Clinic, Diagnostic Lab, Field Lab, Nutritional Lab and Student Enterprise Project

Department of Animal Science and Production

Nsinamwa M, Lecturer

Block 300-Office 15i
Department of Animal Science and Production
Private Bag 0027,
Tel: +267 3922607
Fax: +267 3928753

Academic Qualifications

PhD (Environmental Sciences, University of Botswana) 2005.
MSc (Range Management, New Mexico State University) 1993;
BSc. (Renewable Natural Resources, University of Arizona) 1987

Research Interests

Impact of grazing pressure on the water table, herbaceous plant biomass production, species diversity, soil nutrients along grazing gradients in the hardveld and sandveld communal grazing areas of Botswana.

Research Projects (Title & Role / Collaborator)

Seedling Productivity along Grazing Gradients of the Hardveld and Sandveld Communal grazing areas of Botswana.

Recent Publications

Nsinamwa, M. Sebego R.J. (2007). Seed-bank analysis for herbaceous species along grazing gradients in the Sandveld and Hardveld grazing areas of Botswana. Botswana Journal of Agriculture and Applied SciencesVol. 3 (3) (2007).

Nsinamwa, M., Moleele, N.M., & Sebego, R.J. (2005). Vegetation Pattens and Nutrients in Relation to Grazing Pressure and Soils in the Sandveld and Hardveld Communal Grazing Areas of Botswana. African Journal of Range and Forage Science Vol 10 (5) 2005.

Kayombo, B., Dikinya, O., Patrick, C., Nsinamwa, M., S. Machacha, Mzuku, M., Gaboutloeloe, G. (2004). Characterization of Agriculture-Related land Degradation in Eastern and Western parts of Botswana. Botswana Journal of Technology7
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