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This should be concise, stating precisely the objectives in relation to the existing knowledge in the relevant field. A detailed survey of literature is not required.

Materials and methods

New methods should be described in detail but if the method is published, a mere reference is adequate and deviations if any should be stated. The details on materials, sources and procedures should be given so that researchers wishing to repeat the work can do it.


The same data should not be presented in tabular and graphic forms. Data included in illustrations and tables should not be extensively described in the text but significant findings should be highlighted. Statistical significance of results should be accompanied by indications of the level of significance and should be presented in Tables and Figures legends.


The discussion should strictly interpret the results without repeating them. It should form a continuum of the known and show the paper's contribution.


Only the necessary number of illustrations should be submitted in triplicate numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. Captions and legends to the Figures should be self-explanatory and typed on separate sheet of paper. Line drawing should be either laser prints of computer generated illustrations or manually made in Indian ink on white drawing paper such as to allow a 50% reduction without becoming illegible.


Similarly, each table should have a title, in which only the first letter to be capital, and should be numbered in Arabic numerals. It should be accompanied by sufficient experimental details so as to be intelligible without reference to the text. Negative results should be indicated as 'Nil' and absence of a datum as a dash. There should be no vertical lines in the table and footnotes should be represented by appropriate symbols in the table and should be given at the bottom of the table.


This should be brief and for those who deserve it only.

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