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The metric system (SI units) should be adopted as the standard of measurement. Standard chemical symbols may be used but other accepted abbreviations such as ATP, DNA, LD50 and others, should only be used in the text if the full term is given on first mention.


Citation in the text should be in the format:

Sakia and Tibe (2004) demonstrated that boran cattle are trypanotolerant

Boran and N'dama cattle are resistant to trypanosome infection ( Sakia and Tibe,2004 or Nelson, et al., 2004, where there are more than two authors).

In the reference list, surnames of first authors must be written in alphabetical order. Titles of journals must be given in full and italicized. The following standard forms of citation should be used:


Batisani,N.,Tibe,M. and Abraham,V (2004). Seed treatment for enhancing germination of wild okra (Corchorus olitorius). Experimental Agriculture 39: 441-447


Kamau, J.M. (2002). Anatomy and Physiology of ostriches. 6th Edition McGraw-Hill Book Company, 650 pp

Chapters in a book

Epstein, E. (1993). Crops tolerant to salinity and other mineral stresses.In: Better Crops for Food. pp 61-82.Tano, K.E. (Ed) University  Press.

Conference/Workshop proceedings

Makhwaje, E. (1996). On-farm testing of pre-released sorghum varieties in Botswana. In: Drought Tolerant Crops for Southern Africa, pp 21-25. Proceeding of SADC/ICRISAT Workshop 25-29 July, 1994, Gaborone , Botswana.Leucher, K. and Manthe, C. S (Eds) ICRISAT, Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh, India.

 Citation of unpublished work and personal communications are discouraged unless proven necessary.

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