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The Department of Basic Sciences is made up of five units, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Herbarium, Mathematical Sciences and Physics

BSB 120 MATHEMATICS II (3 credits)

Pre-requisite: BSB 110 Mathematics I
Limits and Continuity, Derivatives-chain rule, product rule, power rule; Higher derivatives- Implicit differentiation; Rate of change, velocity, acceleration; Maxima and minima; Antiderivatives and infinite integral, The general power rule and definite integral; Area under the curve; Integration by substitution; Integration by parts; Integration involving partial fractions; Volume of revolution; Solving linear programming problems; Vectors-ordered pairs-vectors representation in a plane, Scalar and dot products; Complex numbers- modulus and argument, principle value and polar form, De Moivre's Theorem, Relations between roots and coefficients, Roots of unity and a general complex number.


Gases; Thermochemistry; Physical Equilibria; Chemical Equilibria; Acids and Bases; Chemical Kinetics; Physical and Chemical properties and IUPAC nomenclature of hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids, esters and amines. Practicals will include- Experiments on thermochemistry, physical equilibria, chemical kinetics, pH concept, some organic chemistry experiments.

 BSB 122 PHYSICS II (3 credits)

Pre-requisite: BSB 112 Physics I
Modern Physics; Atomic Structure and Spectra; Radioactivity; Dual nature of matter; Electrostatics; Coulombs law; Electric field and potential; Potential difference; Electrostatic potential and energy; Current electricity; Flow of charge and current; Ohm's law, Resistance and Resistivity; E m f; Electric Power and Energy; Kirchoff's Laws; Galvanometers, Wheatstone bridge; Measurement of E m f; Magnetism; Magnetic Field Intensity; Magnetic effect of current; Principles of magneto-starter; Electromagnetic Spectrum.

BSB 123 BIODIVERSITY (3 credits)

Principles of systematics- taxonomy and classification. Evolution relationships. Diversity of life: survey of viruses, prokaryotes, protists, fungi, plants and animals; using examples of agricultural importance. Evolution: microevolution and macroevolution, concepts of evolution and biogeography. Introduction of Ecology: Population dynamics, community interactions, ecosystems, the biosphere; human impact on biosphere; agricultural ecology.

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