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The Department of Basic Sciences is made up of five units, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Herbarium, Mathematical Sciences and Physics

    b) Indigenous food plants

    It is imperative that Batswana know and appreciate the quality of their indigenous foodstuff. Equipped with such knowledge efforts can be made to develop industries, small or large ones to process the indigenous foodstuff for a wider market and to alleviate poverty. The research concentrates on e dible plants, foodstuffs and forages; taxonomy of such plants, ethnobotany, nutrition; analysis: nutrients and anti-nutrients and nutrient toxicity in humans and animals.

    There is work already going on in the Department on the composition of bambara groundnuts, morula, mushrooms, pigeon peas and delele and it is hoped that this organization will enhance and strengthen research on indigenous food plants.

    c) Medicinal plant

    Traditional medicine plays a vital role in the health of Batswana and their livestock. It has been adequately demonstrated that some traditional medicines are effective in curing a wide range of disease that afflict people (including HIV/AIDS?). There is therefore urgent need to study the bioactivity and chemistry of plants used in Botswana traditional medicine. Such studies can establish some of the plants with antibiotic activity, anti-inflammatory, anticancer and free radical scavenging and antioxidant properties. More and better use of traditional medicines can save the nation much foreign exchange and provide health care services to a large number of citizenry who have limited access to modern health care services In addition, the traditional medicine will be scientifically validated and encourage sustainable harvesting and preservation of species with medicinal properties. It is anticipated new medicinal principles will be identified and possibly lead to industrial exploitation of such discoveries.

    The diverse specializations in the Department, coupled with sourced collaboration, puts the Department in a unique position to carry out research on medicinal plants.

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