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The Department of Basic Sciences is made up of five units, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Herbarium, Mathematical Sciences and Physics

Basic Science Research

    b) Mathematical Modeling

    This is a very diverse area encompassing Mathematical epidemiology, Population studies, Biomechanics, Fluid dynamics, Heat transfer and Statistical modeling. Problems of variations in rainfall, extreme temperatures, solar radiation and sunshine radiation could be tackled. Real life problems exhibit complex behaviour and patterns, which sometimes follow certain probabilistic distributions. Statistical modeling is commonly applied to give more insights on the dynamics of the system or the problem that follow certain distributions.

    i) Mathematical Epidemiology

    The research involves modeling transmission dynamics of infectious diseases within a population with emphasis to HIV/AIDS. The evaluation and/or assessment of the impact of intervention programs such as vaccination and treatment on the spread of diseases are vital in guiding policy formulation and implementation of intervention strategies. A clear understanding of immunology of diseases plays a vital role in designing and implementing intervention programs.

    Real life problem solutions are urgently needed, but in most cases experimentation takes longer to provide insights in the behaviour of the phenomena. In this case Mathematical modeling becomes an alternative tool. Hence, the aspect of Mathematical modeling would through simulation provide insights on the behaviour of the problem, which would facilitate the formulation intervention strategies. Validation of such models once data is available is crucial. Particular areas of problems for research are: (i) the role of churches and traditional healers in the fight against HIV and AIDS, (ii) impact of community health care systems (home base care), (iii) long term effects of treatment and vertical transmission, (iv) contribution of tradition, economic status and behaviour on the spread of the disease and (v) effects of HIV/AIDS on population demographics.

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