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Botswana College of Agriculture
Private Bag 0027
Gaborone, Botswana
Phone: +267 - 3650100
Fax: +267 - 3928753
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University of Botswana
Botswana Government

General Information





The Department of Basic Sciences is made up of five units, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Herbarium, Mathematical Sciences and Physics

Selected Publications

  1. Likuku, A.S., Branford, D. 2011. Deposition rates of atmospheric particulates determined from 210Pb measurements in soils and air. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. 20(2): 405410.
  2. Mmolawa. K.B., Likuku, A.S., Gaboutloeloe, G.K. 2011. Assessment of heavy metal pollution in soils along major roadside areas in Botswana. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. 5(3): 186196.
  3. Likuku, A.S., 2009. Atmospheric transfer and deposition mechanisms of 210Pb onto forest soils. Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus.
  4. Modise, D.M., Likuku, A.S., Thuma, M., Phuti, R., 2009. The influence of exogenously applied 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on fruit drop quality of navel oranges (Citrus sinensis L.). African Journal of Biotechnology. 8(10): 21312137.
  5. Likuku, A.S., 2007. Deposition of sub-micron particulates onto vegetation: Quantitative studies using 210Pb and 7Be as tracers. Botswana Journal of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (3)1: 7986.
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