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Botswana College of Agriculture
Private Bag 0027
Gaborone, Botswana
Phone: +267 - 3650100
Fax: +267 - 3928753
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University of Botswana
Botswana Government

General Information





The Department of Basic Sciences is made up of five units, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Herbarium, Mathematical Sciences and Physics

Department of Basic Sciences (BS)

Shimane W. Makhabu, Senior Lecturer (Botany)
Department of Basic Science
Private Bag 0027,
Tel: +267 3650100
Fax: +267 3928753
Office: Office block/room 12

Academic Qualifications

PhD (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
MSc (Silsoe College, Cranfield University, UK)
BSc (University of Botswana)

Member of the Kalahari Conservation Society (KCS)

Research in Progress:

  1. Uses and properties of indigenous plant species
  2. Control of bush encroachment in grazing lands
  3. Plant defenses against herbivory

Selected Publications

  1. Makhabu, S. W. 2011. Advantages and disadvantages of various bush encroachment control methods: A Review. Uniswa Journal of Agriculture 15 (1), 117-124
  2. Makhabu, S.W. & Marotsi, B. (2011). Changes in herbaceous species composition in the absence of disturbance in a Cenchrus biflorus Roxb. Invaded area in central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana. International Journal of Ecology 2012
  3. Motlhanka, D.M. & Makhabu, S.W. (2011). Medicinal and edible wild fruit plants of Botswana as emerging new crop opportunities. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 5(10): 1836-1842.
  4. Makhabu, S.W. & Kgosikoma, O. 2010. Grass species composition and quality in Makgadikgadi pans, an underperforming cattle region in Botswana. BOJAAS 6 (3): 137-144.
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