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The Centre for In-service and Continuing Education (CICE) is the outreach arm of the Botswana College of Agriculture (BCA).


The College has since late last year produced a strategic plan and subsequently, the CICE completed its own strategic plan that feeds into the BCA corporate one on the 21st April 2004. The training needs assessment exercise that was envisaged last year could not be carried out due to lack of funds. This exercise is now planned for Mid-May 2004 countrywide. In the meantime, some courses will be scheduled for the 2004/05 calendar as requested by some clients.

The Centre's facilities however, have not remained idle since workshops and seminars have been facilitated throughout the 2003/04 calendar year. The PMS, PBRS and HIV/AIDS workshops and seminars by various Ministries and departments have been regularly hosted at the premises. It is now hoped that since we have a strategic plan that has been approved by the CICE board, things will work out for the better since the main issue of contention was cost-recovery issues discussed with our stakeholders that resulted in a lack of courses run at the Centre since departments were reluctant to budget for such courses.

The Centre for Inservice and Continuing Education (CICE) like other training institutions of its kind, has had to review its activities against its founding mandate, the changing times and needs of the clients. During the year 2003 to 2004, clients of the CICE cancelled a number of courses due to budget cuts in the respective departments. As a result, various interventions were put into place: a strategic plan was developed and a training needs assessment exercise was carried out as an attempt to change the Centre’s approach to training. A more proactive approach to training where instead of only the clients to developing their own training, the CICE design, develop and package training courses that are offered on a regular basis. As prompted by the results of the training needs assessment, CICE has now offered seven courses from July to October in the year 2006. In addition to in-service training, CICE is mandated to offer continuing Education in Agriculture and related fields. The Centre has already conducted the needs assessment exercise with its key stakeholders and the results have been analysed. The results have indicated that there is a dire need for diploma and degree programmes to be offered on part-time or distance learning basis. This is still to be implemented.

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