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The Department of Crop Science Production is made up of seven units, Agronomy, Crop Physiology, Crop Protection, Soil Science,Plant Clinic,Horticulture and Forestry & Range

Department of Crop Science & Production(CSP)

Mogotsi K.K., Senior Lecturer

Department of Crop Science & Production
Private Bag 0027,
Tel: +267 3650100
Fax: +267 3928753

Academic Qualifications

DPhil in Agriculture , Research Area: Crop Stress Physiology, University of Zimbabwe( 1996:)
MSc in Crop Science, Major: Agronomy, Minor: Entomology, Texas Tech University, Texas, U.S.A.:( 1983:)
BSc in Horticulture, Texas Tech University, Texas, and U.S.A. 1980:
Diploma in Agriculture, University of Botswana Lesotho and Swaziland, Lunyego, Swaziland1976

Research Interests

The physiology and domestication of Botswana indigenous medicinal, fruits and vegetables
Eco physiology and genetic diversity of desert plants especially Crassulacean Acid Metabolic (CAM) (Cactaceae) and cucurbits (wild melons and gourds
Environmental Stress physiology of legumes and oil seeds crops ( Fabaceae) The restoration of the missing link in agriculture and natural resources management research, education and development (sustainable agriculture), through selection and development of newer crops in arid lands (Botswana) for improved livelihoods, agro-biodiversity, commercialisation of desert agriculture and controlling desertification.

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