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The Department of Crop Science Production is made up of seven units, Agronomy, Crop Physiology, Crop Protection, Soil Science,Plant Clinic,Horticulture and Forestry & Range

CSP307: Plant Propagation (3 credits)

The course will cover importance of plant propagation, cellular basis of plant propagation, propagation environment, sexual and asexual propagation. This is a 3 credits core course offered in semester 5 and has no pre-requisites (2L, 2P)

CSP308: Soil-Plant Relationships (3credits)

The course will cover the soil medium for plant growth and the plant root, effects of soil biological, chemical and physical environment on plant growth as well as effects of soil water on plant growth. It is a 3 credits optional course offered in semester 6. (2L, 2P)

Prerequisite – CSP 202: Soil Fertility and Fertilizers.

CSP310: Vegetable Production (3 credits)

The course will cover production of important vegetable crops; environmental requirements, cultural practices of leafy, fruit, stem, root, tuber, flower and bulb vegetables. It is a 3 credits core course offered in semester 6 and has no pre- requisites. (2L, 2P)

CSP312: Pests of Horticultural Crops (3 credits)

The course will cover diagnosis of pests of horticultural crops and identification of their indigenous natural enemies, pest monitoring and damage assessment. This is a 3 credits core course offered in semester 7. (2L, 2P)

Prerequisite – CSP 203: Introduction to Crop Pests

CSP401: Root, Tuber and Miscellaneous Crops Production (3 credits)

This course will cover root, tuber and miscellaneous crops of importance to Botswana and the southern African region, types and ecological adaptation to the farming systems, production and consumption patterns and the current uses and future potentials as food, feed, sugar, spice and beverages. It is a 3 credits core course offered in semester 8 and has no pre- requisites.(2L, 2P) | Main | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 |

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