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The Department of Crop Science Production is made up of seven units, Agronomy, Crop Physiology, Crop Protection, Soil Science,Plant Clinic,Horticulture and Forestry & Range

CSP602: Cereal Grain Crops Production

This course will cover botanical characteristics, ecological requirements, production systems, utilization, adaptation and improvement of yield and quality characteristics.

CSP603: Cropping Systems

This course will examine the agronomic characteristics of cropping systems in relation to their relative productivity, use of resources in contrasting environments, management strategies and research methodology.

CSP604: Genetic Improvement of Plants

This course will focus on qualitative and quantitative inheritance, breeding methods emphasizing environmental stresses, resistance breeding, genetic resources, varietal release and seed production.

CSP605: Plant Biotechnology

This course will cover concepts and principles of biotechnology, plant biotechnology procedures and methods, implications and opportunities for society.

CSP606: Pulse and Oil Crops Production

The course will focus on the factors affecting production, performance, adaptation and improvement of leguminous and oilseed crops.

CSP607: Fibre Crops Production

The course will cover botanical characteristics, production systems, utilization, adaptation, improvement in yield, quality characteristics, processing and storage.

CSP610: Integrated Natural Resources Management

This course will focus on the concepts, key issues and practices in integrated management of natural resources in agricultural systems.          | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 |

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