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University of Botswana
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The Department of Food Science & Technology is a newly established department.

Recent Publications

Neme, K., Bultosa G., and Bussa, N. 2015. Nutrient and functional properties of composite flours processed from pre-gelatinized barley, sprouted faba bean and carrot flours. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. AID IJFS12903 Articles on Press, Wiley

Dessalegn, E., Bultosa G. ., Haki, G.D. and Rupasinghe, H.P.V. 2015. Antioxidant and a-amylase inhibition activities in vitro of various solvent extracts of Thymus schimperi Ronniger. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, 9 (15), 515-524

Legesse, H., Dechassa, N., Gebeyehu, S., Bultosa G. 2015. Chemical quality of common beans as influenced by genotype and aluminum rates under two soil liming regimes. African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development, 15 (2) 9872-9891

Zebib, H., Bultosa G., and Abera, S. 2015. Physico-chemical and sensory properties of banana flour-sesame paste blends. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publication, 5 (4):1-9

Zebib, H., Bultosa G. and Abera, S. 2015. Physico-chemical properties of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) varieties grown in northern area, Ethiopia. Agricultural Sciences, 6: 238-246

Girma, G., Bultosa G. and Abera, S. 2015. Effect of Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) variety, drying process and blending ratio on the proximate composition and sensory properties of cassava-wheat composite bread. Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science, 3 (2):38-47

Belay, A., Solomon, W.K., Bultosa G. Adgaba, N., Melaku, S. 2015. Botanical origin, colour, granulation, and sensory properties of the Harenna forest honey, Bale, Ethiopia. Food Chemistry, 167: 213-219

Girma, G., Bultosa G., and Abera, S. 2014. Effect of drying process and partial substitution of wheat flour with cassava flours at different ratios on rheological properties and anti-nutritional factors. Basic Research Journal of Food Science and Technology, 1 (5): 38-45

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