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Botswana College of Agriculture
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University of Botswana
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The Department of Food Science & Technology is a newly established department.

Recent Publications

Seifu E., Buys E. M. and Donkin E. F. 2003. Effect of the lactoperoxidase system on the activity of mesophilic cheese starter cultures in goat milk. International Dairy Journal (doi:13, 953-959)

Seifu E., Buys E. M., Donkin E. F. & Petzer I.M. 2004. Antibacterial activity of the lactoperoxidase system against food-borne pathogens in Saanen and South African Indigenous goat milk. Food Control (doi:15, 447-452)

Seifu E., Buys E. M. & Donkin E. F. 2004. Quality aspects of Gouda cheese made from goat milk preserved by the lactoperoxidase system. International Dairy Journal (doi:14 (7), 581-589)

Seifu E., Donkin E. F. & Buys E. M. 2004. Application of the lactoperoxidase system to improve the quality of goat milk cheese. South African Journal of Animal Science, 34(Supplment 1) (doi:184-187)

Seifu E., Buys E. M. & Donkin E. F. 2005. Significance of the lactoperoxidase system in the dairy industry and its potential applications: a review. Trends in Food Science and Technology.(doi:16(4), 137-154)

Seifu E., & Beyene F. 2006. Microbiological quality of goat milk in Awassa, Ethiopia. SINET: Ethiopian Journal of Science. (doi:29(2), 157-164)

Seifu E., Donkin E. F. & Buys E. M. 2007. Potential of lactoperoxidase to diagnose subclinical mastitis in goats. Small Ruminant Research. (doi:69, 154-158)

Seifu E. 2007. Handling, preservation and utilization of camel milk and camel milk products in Shinile and Jijiga Zones, eastern Ethiopia. Livestock Research for Rural Development. 19(6), June 4 2007. http://www.cipav.org.co/lrrd/lrrd19//6/seif19086.htm

Nigussie H. andSeifu E. 2007. Effect of the lactoperoxidase system and container smoking on the microbial quality of cows’ milk produced in Kombolcha woreda, eastern Ethiopia. Livestock Research for Rural Development. 19(10), October 5 2007. http://www.cipav.org.co/lrrd/lrrd19/10/nigu19157.htm

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